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Icom IC-7851

Icom IC-7851

The IC-7851 is the company's new flagship amateur radio and incorporates a new local oscillator (LO) design, an optimized roofing filter, enhanced spectrum scope to name but a few of its many functions. Raising the bar for HF operation, the IC-7851 is ideal for contesters, DXers and the serious amateur radio operator. Icom's new radio features a new LO design which utilizes a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) along with a Phase Locked Oscillator.

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€ 11.966,00

Icom IC-7851

HF/50MHz Transceiver - The Pinnacle of HF Perfection

The  IC-7851 also features enhanced spectrum scope functionality. A dedicated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) unit is used for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum to provide faster sweep speeds and finer accuracy. Audio scope and dual scope functions, combined with a high-resolution spectrum waterfall display, provide twice the speed, sensitivity and control to give operators a performance edge.

Other radio highlights include USB-enabled click and enhanced PC control. When combined with the optional Icom RS-BA1 software, the IC-7851's internal server promotes remote base station operation. The radio can connect directly to a router and does not require a second computer for audio or rig control. The IC-7851 also continues various benchmarks established by Icom's celebrated IC-7800 such as +40dBm iP3 (3rd order intercept point), 200W output power at full duty cycle and more.

1.2kHz "Optimum" roofing filter
The IC-7851 utilizes a newly developed 1.2kHz roofing filter, greatly improving the in-band adjacent signal performance. This enhancement enables the up-conversion design of the IC-7851 to have excellent filter performance while providing a dynamic range that outperforms the competition in the 10kHz or less separation tests.

New local oscillator design
Breaking tradition, Icom employs a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) along with a Phase Locked Oscillator for the IC-7851’s Local Oscillator (LO). The LO's C/N ratio excels beyond our competitors, and the noise components generated in both receive and transmit signals are reduced virtually below detection.

LO C/N Characteristics Comparisons 1st LO @ 14.1MHz


Brand A premium model          Brand B premium model                Icom IC-7851

Improved phase noise
With the latest design of the LO, the IC-7851 will become the new benchmark for Phase Noise with –150dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and –140dBc/Hz even at 1kHz offset. (Previous mark of Phase Noise excellence was –138dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and –110dBc/Hz at 1kHz offset.)

Phase Noise Characteristics 1st LO @ 14.1MHz

Brand A premium model

Improved spectrum scope
By using the dedicated DSP for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum scope, the IC-7851 provides faster sweep speeds and better accuracy than other brand models, even the IC-7800.

Span Width 5kHz–1000kHz
Resolution *1 1 dot *3
Sweep Speed 29.3 samples/Sec *4
Input Dynamic Range 116dB *5
Max. Sensitivity *2 –39dBµ *5

*1 Number of dots shown at 60dB level, when receiving a signal
*2 Recognized level at the Spectrum Waterfall
*3 SPAN=More than 20kHz, SPEED=Slow
*4 SPAN=Less than 20kHz, SPEED=Fast
*5 SPAN=5kHz, SPEED=Slow

Dual scope function
Another scope enhancement in the IC-7851 is the ability to simultaneously “see” activity in both bands. This is useful when searching for multipliers on the Sub band while maintaining your operating frequency on the Main band.

Photo dual scope example (vertically aligned)

Enhanced mouse operation for the spectrum scope
Connect a mouse to the USB port to change the operating frequency, tune the frequency, switch Fixed and Center mode, adjust the sweep speed and more. Also, simply click on a signal on the scope and the frequency is automatically selected as your operating frequency.

Photo depicts specturm waterfall.

Other outstanding features
-Simplified RS-BA1 Remote Control
-Supports PSK63 as well as PSK31
-SD card slot for voice and data storage
-USB, Ethernet and S/P DIF Interfaces
-Enhanced Digital Voice Recorder
-Comfortable solid feel main dial
-Firmware updates can be made from an SD card or USB flash drive

General specification

Frequency range

Reception frequency
30kHz ~ 60.000MHz (operating range) 

(Warranty coverage)
100kHz ~ 29.999MHz
50.000MHz ~ 54.000MHz 

Transmit frequency
1.810MHz ~ 1.825MHz
1.9075MHz ~ 1.9125MHz
3.500MHz ~ 3.575MHz
3.599MHz ~ 3.612MHz
3.680MHz ~ 3.687MHz
3.702MHz ~ 3.716MHz
3.745MHz ~ 3.770MHz
3.791MHz ~ 3.805MHz
7.000MHz ~ 7.200MHz
10.100MHz ~ 10.150MHz
14.000MHz ~ 14.350MHz
18.068MHz ~ 18.168MHz
21.000MHz ~ 21.450MHz
24.890MHz ~ 24.990MHz
28.000MHz ~ 29.700MHz
50.000MHz ~ 54.000MHz
LSB, USB, CW, RTTY, PSK31 / 63, AM, FM 

The number of memory channels
101 (split memory 99ch + scan edge 2ch) 

Antenna impedance
50Ω (unbalanced) 

Antenna terminal
HF / 50MHz band for M type 4 system, BNC type 2 system for reception 

Power-supply voltage
85 ~ 265V AC 

Grounding scheme
Minus ground 

Operating temperature limit
0 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ 

Frequency stability
± 0.05ppm within (at the time of 0 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ / 54MHz) 

Frequency resolution
Minimum 1Hz 

Power consumption
Receiving standby time of 120VA (TYP)
Reception at the maximum 130VA (TYP)
Send at the maximum 800VA 

External dimensions
About 425 (W) × 149 (H) × 435 (D) mm 

About 23.5kg 

Transmission unit

Transmission output
SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, PSK31 / 63: 5W ~ 200W
AM: 5W ~ 50W 

Modulation scheme
SSB: balanced modulation
AM: low-power modulation
FM: phase modulation 

Spurious emission intensity
More than 60dB (HF band)
70dB or more (50MHz band)

Spurious area:
More than 50dB (HF band)
70dB or more (50MHz band)

Out-of-band region:
More than 40dB (HF band)
More than 60dB (50MHz band) 

Carrier suppression ratio
63dB or more 

Unnecessary sideband suppression ratio
70dB or more 

Microphone impedance

TX variable range
± 9.999kHz 

Receiving part

Receiving scheme
Double superheterodyne system 

Intermediate frequency
First: 64.455MHz (MAIN), 64.555MHz (SUB)
Second: 36kHz 

Receiver sensitivity (TYP)
SSB / CW / RTTY / PSK (BW = 2.4kHz) (when 10dB S / N)
0.1MHz ~ 1.7999MHz: -6dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON)
1.8MHz ~ 29.990MHz: -16dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON)
50MHz ~ 54MHz: -18dBμ (preamplifier 2: When ON)

AM (BW = 6kHz) (when 10dB S / N)
0.1MHz ~ 1.7999MHz: + 16dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON)
1.8MHz ~ 29.990MHz: + 6dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON)
50MHz ~ 54MHz: + 0dBμ (preamplifier 2: When ON)

FM (BW = 15kHz) (when 12dB SINAD)
28MHz ~ 29.990MHz: -6dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON)
50MHz ~ 54MHz: -10dBμ (preamplifier 2: When ON) 

Squelch sensitivity
SSB / CW / AM / RTTY / PSK: + 15dBμ below
FM: 0dBμ below 

Selectivity (TYP)
SSB (BW = 2.4kHz): 2.4kHz more / -3dB 3.6kHz or less / -60dB
CW / RTTY / PSK (BW = 500Hz): 500Hz or more / -3dB 700Hz or less / -60dB
AM (BW = 6kHz): 6.0kHz more / -3dB 15kHz or less / -60dB
FM (BW = 15kHz): 12kHz or more / -6dB 20kHz or less / -60dB 

Spurious interference ratio
70dB or more 

Low-frequency output
More than 2.6W (8Ω load, when 10% distortion) 

Low-frequency load impedance

RIT variable range
± 9.999kHz more 

● rack mount handle
● SD card
● AC power cable
● spare fuse
● speaker plug other


IC-7851 THE Dream Radio for life time usage
Review door OE1TRB
Ons Ons
Product Product
I like the IC-7851 and the great support from Marcus ! (all the time) Thanks for this , which is for me essential to have an "OM" on the side if tricky questions occure.

vy 73 de Thomas OE1TRB

And a Merry Christmas & HNY2016
cqwwcw met ic7851
Review door willy
Ons Ons
Product Product
Voor de eerste keer gewerkt met de ic7851 in de ccqww cw contest
ik moet zeggen ik ben onder de indruk van de ontvangst.
op een drukke band was ik niet moeilijk om een plaatsje te vinden geen last van sterke stations,
de zwakste signalen kon ik er zo uithalen.
73 Willy PA3EVY
Complete opvolger van de IC-7800
Review door Jo
Ons Ons
Product Product
Ben erg onder de indruk!
Na de IC-7700 en de IC-7800 is dit toch weer een stap vooruit.
Het ruisniveau, 1.2K roofing filter, het scherm, de ontvanger klink zo enorm rustig en alles werkt op een zeer professionele manier.
Meer foto's op mijn Qrz page.
73 Jo. PA9JO
Goede opvolger van de IC7800
Review door PA3HGT
Ons Ons
Product Product
Om te beginnen is de Icom IC7851 is een erg leuke transceiver om mee te werken.Kwaliteit straalt er gewoon af.Mocht je meer willen weten dan kan je mijn uitgebreide review (met veel pics) lezen op : .
Cheers for now,Hans,PA3HGT
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