Maas SPA-8350

96% of 100

Maas SPA-8350.

13.8Volt 35Ampere constant.

Net zoals de K-PO / Maas SPA-8230 is deze voeding stil, HF/VHF/UHF/SHF storingsvrij en is overspanning en tegen kortsluiting beveiligd.

* High efficiency even at loads: 85% at 20% load, 90% at 50%, 90% at full load.

* High RFI immunity and excellent EMI

* Intelligent fan speed control (zero to full speed)

* Binding post and cigar socket

* Active PFC

* Over load, Short Circuit, Over Temperature protections

* Output Over Voltage Protection

* User adjustable fine tune setting

* Analogue Remote ON/OFF

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