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Acom 1010

We have model 2016! The latest ACOM1010, budget 160-10m small and lightweight linear amplifier, for fixed or DXpedition and Field Day operations.

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€ 1.859,00

We have model 2016!
The latest ACOM1010, budget 160-10m small and lightweight linear amplifier, for fixed or DXpedition and Field Day operations.

Easy operation.
The plate-load True Resistance Indicator (TRI) is an ACOM innovation that provides quick and precise tuning, typically in less than 10 seconds. The auto-operate function will return the amplifier to the OPERATE mode automatically after each protection trip, saving time and avoiding manual switching.

No tuner needed.
No external antenna tuner is required as long as the antenna VSWR is 3:1 or lower. The amplifier will perform the functions of an antenna tuner, enabling you to change antennas faster and use them over wide frequency ranges.

A durable amplifier.
This amplifier is both user-friendly and self-monitoring. It is designed to safely withstand up to 240 W of reflected power, up to 100 milliseconds of drive spikes (RF “tails” after a PTT or KEY release), and even operator tuning errors. It is also capable of operating at more than half its designed output power at only 75% of nominal line (mains) voltage. Because it can tolerate deep voltage drops (down to zero for 10 milliseconds) and 15% line voltage spikes, it is particularly suited for use in portable environments, such as field days and DXpeditions.

LED bar-graph display.
The upper LED bar-graph always reads peak forward power while the lower LED bar-graph is for the reflected power. LED warning indicators are provided for abnormal conditions of grid 1, grid 2, and plate parameters.

Antenna selection.
Two antenna outputs are selectable on the front panel of the amplifier.

Efficient tuning.
Antenna matching can be achieved in less than 10 seconds and at a quarter of nominal output power, which produces lower risk of interference to other stations and greater safety to the amplifier components.

The amplifier operates without special signaling from the transceiver; it needs only “ground on TX” and 60 W RF drive power to operate at full output power.

Input matching.
Broadband input matching circuitry offers excellent loading characteristics for the driving transceiver, from 1.8MHz to 30MHz.

Single tube operation.
A single Svetlana 4CX800A (GU74B) high-performance ceramic-metal tetrode with plate dissipation of 800W (forced air cooling, grid-driven) is used for maximum efficiency.

Permanent monitoring and protection of the plate and grids currents.
The Bias Optimizer minimizes heat dissipated by the tube, assuring tube longevity.

High voltage protection.
Design of the high-voltage power supply eliminates the danger of turn-on transients affecting sensitive devices connected to the same line (mains) circuit. Moreover, the amplifier can be configured to accommodate any of 8 nominal line voltages between 100 and 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz.

Band inclusion.
The amplifier can be shipped with 10 and 12-meter capability disabled as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), for United States users. Contact your dealer about enabling those bands.

• Frequency Coverage: All amateur bands in the 1.8-29.7MHz frequency range; extensions and/or changes on request.
• Power Output: 700 W PEP or 500 W continuous carrier.
• Intermodulation Distortion: Better than 35 dB below rated output.
• Hum and noise: Better than 40 dB below rated output.
• Harmonic Output Suppression: Better than 50 dB below rated output.
• Input and Output Impedances:   
- nominal value: 50 Ohm unbalanced, UHF (SO239) type connectors;
- input circuit: broadband, VSWR less than 1.3:1, 1.8-30MHz continuously (no tunings, no switching);
- Bypass path VSWR less than 1.1:1, 1.8-30MHz continuously, 200 W maximum;
- Output (antenna) impedance matching capability: VSWR up to 3:1 or higher.
• RF Gain: 11dB typically, frequency response less than 1dB (50 to 70 W drive power for rated output).
• Primary Power: 85-132 V/170-264 V ac (100, 110, 120, 200, 210, 220, 230 & 240 V nominal taps), +10% -15% tol.), 50-60 Hz, single phase, 1200 VA.
• Complies with CE safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements as well as FCC-regulations (10 & 12 m band locks provided).
• Size & Weight (operating): WxDxH: 406x315x150mm, 16kg (16x12.4x5.9 inches, 35.3Lbs).
• Operating environments:   
- temperature range: 0...+50 degs.Celsius;
- humidity: up to 95% @ +35 degs.Celsius.
- height: up to 3000m above sea level without output deterioration

Frequentie bereik alle amateurbanden van 1,8~29,7MHz Europa + Warc 12m+17m+10Mhz (60m)
Buis: GU74B Power: 800watt PeP (500W RTTY)
Gain: 11db Input 50-70 watt drive voor max output( 30watt SSB in 500W uit)( 20watt FM in 700W uit)
Kan met max 200W worden ingestuurd (alleen in de stand By Mode, niet in de TX Mode)
Intermodulatie beter dan 35db beneden max output
Noise (geluid) beter dan 40db beneden max output
Harmonisch onderdrukking 50db beneden max output
Input breedband SWR 1:2:1 van 1,8~30MHz continu
Input en output impedantie normaal 50 OHm
Bypass SWR lager dan 1:1:1 van 1,8~30MHz continue
Antenne impedantie aanpassing uitgang maximum SWR tot 3:1 en hoger
Temperatuur van 0 tot + 50graden Celsius
Vocht tot 90% @ + 35graden Celsius
Hoogte tot 3000m boven het zeeniveau
Afmeting: Hoog 170mm-Breed 407mm-Diep 315mm
Stroom: 220volt 50-60Hz Verzendgewicht: 22kg


Uitstekende Lineair
Review door Jacques PA2JAC
Ons Ons
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Inmiddels heb ik deze lineair een jaar in gebruik en ben er zeer tevreden over. Tijdens de vakantie is de lineair elke dag in gebruik voor de Gooise Vakantie Ronde op 40 meter. Tunen is kinderspel dankzij de led indicatoren. Ook leuk om te vermelden is dat Marcus de Lineair hoogst persoonlijk bij mij langs kwam brengen. Goede service.
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