Geochron 4K Worldmap

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Geochron 4K Worldmap

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Digital 4K UHD V2
Multiple Views Topographical, Geopolitical, Ham Radio, and Low Res with 100’s of Human and Natural data-points.

Enhanced Stability
As of 05/2019, our Version 2 software is far faster with rock-solid video signal stability in a high resolution 4k environment.

Dynamic Overlays
Earth Lights at night, major transportation routes, pollution and population.

Satellite Weather
Watch precipitation, wind speed, temperature, cloud cover, and barometric pressure move across the Earth in real time.

Track Satellites, Hubble, and the ISS
With Internet, track the real time location and trailing vectors of 100s of satellites in orbit.

Easy Setup
Plug in the HDMI cable, grab the remote, and turn it on. Internet enables more features.

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