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Procom R 4-6/... - Directional Antennas with 6 dBd Gain for the 80 MHz Band

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€ 364,00

2-element Yagi 3 dBd
R 4-3/l 66 - 78 MHz
R 4-3/h 75 - 88 MHz
3-element Yagi 6 dBd
R 4-6/l 66 - 76 MHz
R 4-6/h 75 - 88 MHz

R 4-3/… is a two-element Yagi antenna with 3 dBd gain. R 4-6/… is a three-element Yagi antenna with 6 dBd gain. Both antenna types are delivered in two versions – one covering the low end of the band ("l") and one covering the high end of the band ("h"), see specifications below.

These Yagis incorporate baluns optimized for wide bandwidth and accurate matching. The entire balun unit and feeder cable inlet are completely sealed in a polythene moulding ensuring permanent waterproof connections. The antennas are supplied with a 3 m "tail" of RG 213 terminated with an N-female connector.
Radiating elements, supporting booms and adjoining metal castings have been constructed in high quality aluminium alloys to prevent corrosion. All metal parts are DC-grounded.
The antennas are designed for back mounting and are provided with rear extended booms. These antennas can be stacked and fed in phase with a matching harness for increased gain. A mast clamp for fixation on 30-58 mm diameter mast tube is enclosed.

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