RemoteRig Rotator Control 1216L

To setup a web based rotator control for a analog rotator, the Rotator control Unit (RCU) is connected to the Webswitch 1216H. The RCU is connected via the 1-wire bus to the webswitch. The RCU has three 16A relays for CW and CCW rotation and for brake control. For the the azimuth (direction) reading there is  A/D input which handles 0-16V. The A/D input is fully isolated. The RCU can be connected to most of the current available rotators  and rotating tower controls. The indicator can be calibrated every 30 degrees to handle potentiometers which is not linear.

When using the Webswitch and the RCU you do not need to use the RRC-serial ports for rotator control.

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