Yaesu FT-4XE (Only Netherlands + B)

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Yaesu FT-4XE 5W FM Dual Band VHF/UHF Ultimate Compact Handheld Transceiver

(Only delivery to Netherlands and Belgium)

With the FT-4XE and FT-4VE Yaesu continues the successful series of compact mono and dualband handheld radios. The FT-4 offers a rich set of features in a compact and rugged enclosure. The radios offer up to 5 W transmit power (switchable to 2.5 and 0.5 W), a loudspeaker with 36mm diameter presents the 1 W audio power in a clear and easy to understand way. The supplied LiIon battery offers 1750 mAh capacity, enough for operation of up to 15 hours [1]. The supplied charger get#s the radio back to full power in only 3.5 hours.

The difference between the two radios Yaesu FT-4XE and FT-4VE are the operating bands: The FT-4XE is a dualband radio for 2m (VHF) and 70cm (UHF), the FT-4VE is a monoband radio for operation on 2m (VHF) only.


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