SatRover QO100 144mhz Transverter

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SatRover QO100 144mhz Transverter

Sluit je Icom IC-705 of Yaesu FT-817/818 rechtstreeks aan op de deze SatRover transverter (144mhz naar 2.4ghz) en maak met 0.5W tot 4W insturing alle soorten verbindingen (FM-SSB-Digitale modes) op de QO100 satelliet.

Je hebt slechts een 60 (of nog beter 90cm) schotel nodig en je kan in het veld bijna wereldwijd verbindingen maken.  

The use of this transverter is limited to licensed radio amateurs in countries where it is allowed to transmit in the 2,4ghz amateur band.
The SatRover is developed with simplicity in mind. The “Rover” in the name means it is intended to use on portable or “Rover” operation. Together with a portable 144mhz transceiver it is small enough to put in your backpack or with your camping gear. There is no need for a computer or internet connection.
Due to European regulation the radio amateur must do the final assembly their self.

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SatRover QO100 Transverter
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